Jenny Murphy

What work experiences have shaped your professional growth?

As an instructional designer and instructor, I have had the opportunity to plan and develop learning experiences for a wide variety of learners in a wide variety of settings. I have designed and taught in online training programs, online graduate degree programs, and virtual high school courses; I have also designed and taught courses for students ranging from junior high school to high school to community college and up to graduate education students. This experience gives me perspective as to the unique characteristics of learners at each different level and situation, as well as a toolkit of strategies, processes, and methods to improve and expedite the design process.

What is your favorite project and why?

My favorite project was the design and development of an online domestic violence response training program for Air Force First Sergeants. To do this, we worked with a real First Sergeant and conducted research to create a series of realistic scenarios where learners could make decisions about how to handle domestic violence situations and see the results of their decisions in a risk-free environment. Although the technical programming behind these online scenarios was fairly simple and low-tech to meet the budgetary needs of the client, the training itself was powerfully compelling due to the richness of the stories embedded within it, and therefore, very effective at helping learners accomplish both the cognitive and the affective objectives.