Jill Miller

What part of your education contributes most to your ability to do your role well?

My core skills were developed via my Bachelor of Science degree in graphic design at Illinois State University. Since that time, however, I have learned much more by working with senior designers at Teleologic and through self-education to keep apace of new design technologies.

What is your favorite project and why?

My favorite project was developing a smallpox attack for a scenario-based learning exercise for the Center for Homeland Defense and Security Master's Degree program. This project consisted of instructional graphics, scenario graphics, and content graphics, which challenged me to further develop my Flash skills so that the story was both visually and emotionally engaging.

Are there ways your personal life complements your professional strengths?

My family owns a small, local business. I believe that small business owners must work very hard to survive, and this belief has certainly contributed to my strong work ethic.