Tracy McDonough

What is your role at Teleologic?

My role at Teleologic is to take the necessary elements for a website (graphics, text, media files) and create meaningful, functional e-learning environments for our clients.

What work experiences have shaped your professional growth?

Having had the opportunity to serve the firm for over a decade, I feel that each of the projects in which I have been involved has enriched my abilities as a web designer. My first experience with HTML, graphics, and servers was a website designed for the San Francisco Craft and Folk Art Museum entitled Land of the Morning: Treasures of the Philippines. Since those days in the early 90's, I have embraced the technology and aspire to help engineer environments where users can become engaged in meaningful learning.

What do you enjoy most about your professional life?

I enjoy having creative freedom in my work. By encouraging employees to research new technologies and exploit various resources (Internet, software, etc.), we are able to expand our knowledge-base and develop a greater sense of possibility and achievement.