Angela Cox

What is your role at Teleologic?

I am an instructional designer, responsible for designing courses to meet our customers' explicit and tacit needs. I frequently have the privilege to serve as a consultant, as well. This requires that I meet directly with customers as part of the problem-seeking process in order to establish the true customer need.

What part of your education contributes most to your ability to do your role well?

I have a PhD in literature with a specialization in Theory and Cultural Studies. My education helped me discover the extraordinary intertextuality of the world by allowing me to study a broad range of theory, philosophy, culture, history and literature concurrently. This intertextuality now enables me to see "the big picture" in any set of circumstances, and it allows me to ascertain what external factors may help or hinder a learner.

What is your favorite project and why?

My six years spent as a college professor confirmed my belief that learning is a life-altering, life-enhancing experience — the flutter of butterfly wings in the Chaos Theory of life. My year and a half spent working for the corporate university of a global company, however, radically changed my perspective on the function and role of learning outside the academic environment. Learning is no less crucial to the success of a company than it is to an individual.