Sheri Chirco

What part of your education contributes most to your ability to do your role well?

My undergraduate major in Philosophy and my MA in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric and Composition have trained me to think critically and to communicate well. I love asking questions. I enjoy making sure people trying to communicate are able to reach genuine understanding. These skills have served me well at Teleologic and in other aspects of my professional life. Due in some part to my education, I am someone who questions, actively listens, and effectively translates problems and possibilities into real solutions.

What is your favorite project and why?

My favorite series of projects is the introductory exercises in the prevention of terrorism for first responder communities. Writing the terrorist attack scenarios, creating the scripts, and overseeing the production of the introductory exercises for police, fire, emergency management, and EMS allowed me to work with a number of subject matter experts in fields I greatly admire. Our collaboration resulted in creative scenarios and decision points that ultimately met the needs of the client and the learners. I hope they aid in the prevention of terrorism in some small way.

Are there ways your personal life complements your professional strengths?

I am the mother of three small children and the wife of a Navy SEAL who currently resides on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. My family life requires that I am focused, organized, flexible, responsive, and just a little bit glutton for punishment. These same skills also allow me to be a very productive and independent educational consultant who can multi-task and prioritize while keeping the focus on meeting the needs of myself and others.