John Bowen

What is your role at Teleologic?

I design environments that stimulate interest, encourage exploration, and foster learning.

What part of your education contributes most to your ability to do your role well?

I have a BA in English, with secondary education credentials. I have worked as a classroom teacher and as a professional writer and editor.

These experiences have taught me that every learner or reader engages a lesson or a written work in a different way. As a result, the teacher or writer should try to provide many points of access, for many different types of learners or readers. Also, the teacher or writer should try to infuse the lesson or written work with many possible paths of interest. In short, the lesson or written work should be as accessible and rich as possible.

What is your favorite project and why?

One of my favorite projects has been the series of decision-making exercises developed for U.S. Army North. These media-rich exercises feature audio, video, graphics and music which create a dramatic narrative context for decision-making. The challenges presented within this context are real and relevant to the challenges faced by Army personnel in their work.