The Firm

Teleologic Learning Company designs and develops effective learning products and solutions, customized to meet both the Internet-based and classroom-based training needs of our clients.

Our core competencies integrate three interrelated disciplines:

  • Education planning and instructional design
  • Strategic consulting
  • Web design and construction

Diagram of our planning and designing process.

Our Purpose

Our name, "Teleologic," has its origins in the Greek teleos, and essentially means to be purposeful.

We are dedicated to helping our clients determine and accomplish their learning purposes. And in the process, we strive to create learning experiences that are effective, engaging, and meaningful for learners.

Our Place

We are virtual and we are "bricks and mortar"—literally!

Map of Teleologians.
At Teleologic, our workspace is the Web itself. With 10 Teleologians scattered nationwide, we live and breathe within the Network, leveraging all the various communications forms it has to offer.

Teleologic's main office is, indeed, bricks and mortar: a renovated and historically preserved 19th century Masonic Lodge, graced with restored murals and an extraordinary sense of place.