Reliable Engines

Working with engineers to prevent design failure through proper recognition and documentation

CLIENT: Perkins Engines
PROJECT: Engine Reliability Testing Software Training

Teleologic Learning Company worked with validation engineers at Perkins Engines, Ltd. in Peterborough, United Kingdom, to develop four modules of software training as part of an initiative to replace awareness-level instructor-led training with more cost-effective and convenient network-based e-learning.

Business Challenges

One particular challenge that had to be faced going into this project was cultural bias against e-learning as a valid method of training and learning. Most of the training done at Perkins to date had been done in a classroom with a subject matter expert serving as the instructor, and many learners were reluctant to change the tried-and-true methods of learning.

Additionally, this was highly technical training that relied heavily on graphics and simulations of the software environment which meant that establishing purpose and guaranteeing learner engagement was of paramount importance.

Teleologic Solutions

The solution included attention to the following principles:

Purposeful: What is the client trying to achieve?

  • The goal for this training pack was two-fold. First, the client needed to replace the instructor-led training with the more convenient and cost-effective web-based training. The second and equally important goal was to equip learners with the necessary information to function within the software database.

Learner-centric: How will the learners' needs be addressed?

  • Due to the business challenges noted above, as well as the standard constraints in a corporate environment such as time and motivation, learners needed to concise, engaging, and visually appealing learning. Toward these specific ends, learners were guided through interaction within the software environment, asked to answer specific questions about forms and fields, as well as required to utilize their critical thinking skills through some fundamental feedback opportunities placed throughout the training.

Technologically Appropriate: How can technology be used appropriately to achieve the client's outcomes?

  • The final four modules delivered to Perkins Engines by Teleologic Learning Company were engaging, highly visual, and purposeful simulations of the Reliability Software database. The primary difficulty in teaching software is that teaching step-by-step field input methods does not allow for errors that might be made by the user, and the absence of context can force a user to stop their work in the database entirely. The solution in this case was to create a highly-visual, scenario-based e-learning module complete with the correct context of the database embedded directly into the training.