Making Great Leaders

ó Assisting managers in their efforts to improve their leadership skills through action plans and SMART goals

CLIENT: Caterpillar, Inc.
PROJECT: Caterpillar Leadership Framework Online Workbook

As part of Caterpillar's Making Great Leaders initiative, all Caterpillar managers are required to take part in periodic leadership surveys in order to receive feedback from their teams and their supervisors. In an effort to ensure managers are actively engaging the feedback they receive and creating meaningful actions plans and goals, Teleologic Learning Company worked with Caterpillar University's College of Leadership to create an online workbook for managers.

Business Challenges

The target audience for this online workbook was middle to high-level managers who have time constraints due to heavy workloads and multiple direct reports.

This challenge, in addition to contextual and technological issues, made this project an especially exciting one for Teleologic Learning Company to undertake.

It was imperative for Teleologic's Learning Architects to understand Caterpillar's Leadership Framework context, as well as determine through in-depth discussion with the client what andragogical functions and technological media would most effectively engage the learner and meet the requisite needs.

Teleologic Solutions

The solution included attention to the following principles:

Purposeful: What is the client trying to achieve?

  • The client needed an online learning environment to track both survey results and subsequent actions taken by managers with regard to their own feedback and survey results.

Learner-centric: How will the learners' needs be addressed?

  • Through short, but meaningful activities, the workbook allows learners to interact with the workbook as they have time throughout their day as a busy manager.
  • All entries made in the workbook can be saved to the learnerís computer or printed for later reference and appropriate sharing.
  • Each section of the workbook was designed so individual learners could input their specific feedback and customize the learning experience for greatest relevance to their own leadership styles and job roles.

Visually Meaningful: How does the graphic identity and supporting visual elements support the purpose?

  • All graphics used were part of the Making Great Leaders visual identity.
  • Workbook-style model was created to separate this project visually from other, standard e-learning courses in the company's Learning Management System.
  • Numerous templates were designed and embedded in the workbook to assist learners in documenting their leadership journey and sharing it with their respective team members, direct reports, and supervisors.

Technologically Appropriate: How can technology be used appropriately to achieve the client's outcomes?

  • Through extensive research and close partnership with the client, Teleologic Learning Company created an interactive, editable, and printable online workbook. The manager-learner can input his or her survey answers, spend time journaling, and even create SMART goals or brief presentations to share with his or her team. Learners are also provided with links to a variety of helpful resources, and they are encouraged to return to the workbook quarterly in an on-going effort to improve their management skills and leadership style.